Work In Progress: The Bat

Today we bring you a sketch breakdown of “The Bat” from one of our in-house artist, Nathan Davis aka Obvian. This funny Venture Bros./Classic Batman Comic Book Cover mashup is a great look for any schwifty¬†party you may go to this weekend. Enjoy!

Phase 1

Righto! The Bat.¬†The initial sketch, just to get the idea out and onto paper… Or a screen. Using a tablet is weird. Hank is in his “the Bat” costume (complete with Adam West mask), and Dean has his Spidey pajamas in a riff on the spotlighted Batman 9 cover.




Phase 2

A more refined sketch. Dean’s crouching a little to help give the height difference from the original cover more of a nod, and Hank has a longer cape. Though still ridiculously short. And just in case it wasn’t clear he’s wearing a mask, his mug now rests atop the title. I should probably add an umbrella, too.




Phase 3 & 4

Together because I forgot to take a screenshot in between. Inks and colour blocks in Illustrator.




Phase 5

Adding in some details and references. The issue number is now the number of times Hank has croaked, and the price is now the final price of Marvel Comics issue 1 after the Venture family was given the $500,000 antique comic as payment. It looks green. Is it too green to you?




Phase 6

Yeah, way too green. There’s still a slight muting of colours to keep it feeling vintage, but over all, I think we’re done! It’s time t–CRAP. I forgot to put in the broken umbrella. Crapcrapcrapcrap.




Final Phase

Okay now it’s done. Crap.




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