Transformers 5: The Last Knight Trailer Breakdown. 9 Things You May Have Missed.

transformers-5-the-last-knight-looking-for-men-womenFinally after a year of filming, the Transformers 5 trailer has dropped. While we only got barebones snippets with this initial trailer, let’s break it down and see what Mr. Bay and Co are showing us.

  1. 3 Headed DragondragonmegatronA few months ago we saw a teaser poster of Optimus fighting a 3 headed dragon. In the distance you can see someone on a horse. The Transformers have been on earth since prehistoric times, could it be that mythical creatures were actually transformers?

  2. New Transformer! wreckgarA clear shot of a transformer that has never been shown before. Could it be one of these two vehicles, or neither?

  3. Space Prime! spaceoptimusLooks like prime didn’t make it far after the last film…..

  4. Unicron or…? unicronCould this be the planet eater himself? Or some sort of Cybertronian ship/structure?

  5. Cybertron! cybertronLooks like Cybertron wasn’t completely destroyed after Dark of the Moon!

  6. Bumblebee fighting something that doesn’t look Cybertronian bumblebeeLooks like the Enforcement Droid from Robocop! Could this be manmade?

  7. 4 (New?) Decepticons! 32 of these are possibly known. The green one could be onslaught which was previously shown, and the one all the way to the right looks like Megatron. The other two could be possibly Barricade and another unknown Decepticon.

  8. Megatron!!! megatronThe evil Tyrant himself makes an appearance in the trailer!

  9. Evil Prime???? darkenergonIn previous Transformers lore, we know that Dark Energon has the power to possess a Cybertronian and alter their behavior. Could the purple eyes be any indication that Optimus came in contact with Dark Energon?

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