Top 5 Things We Need to See Come Alive in Virtual Reality

Top 5 Things We Need to See Come Alive in Virtual Reality

When we think of the future, many things come to mind. Flying cars, hover boards, holograms… virtual reality? 10 years ago virtual reality was only seen in the most advanced sci-fi movies. Yet, today, we have companies like Oculus, Samsung, and Sony knee-deep in this futuristic venture. Integrating the real world with a virtual one, virtual reality has the potential to make your wildest imaginations come to life. With this technology improving year after year, here are the top 5 things we need to see come alive in virtual reality.

Driving A Space Shuttle through Virtual Reality

Ever want to go up, up, and away? Becoming an astronaut is by far one of the hardest career paths to follow. Not only do you need extensive schooling, but must also go through 20 months of training, have 20/20 vision, maintain a certain blood pressure while sitting, and even be a certain height. But why go through all that trouble when you can simply put on the VR goggles and simulate your very own space mission, all from the comfort of your own home.

5 Things We Need To See Come Alive in Virtual Reality-Space Shuttle

Watching Live Sports

Nowadays, going to a sporting event is treated like planning a vacation. Buy the tickets in advance for lower prices, call off work, arrange transportation, it’s all such a hassle. But what if the cameras in the stadium had a direct live feed to your virtual reality headset? Eliminate the hassle of finding your seats, and instead, go from sitting on your couch to sitting sideline at the finals.

Top 5 Things We Need to See Come Alive in Virtual Reality-Live Sports

High-Definition Racing

Formula 1, Rally, NASCAR, and even the newest Formula E, are all within the group of Motorsports which has amassed an incredible amount of fans across the world. A race car driver lives the lavish lifestyle of which many of us dream; fast cars, great parties, and thousands of admirers. A realistic simulation of a high-speed Grand Prix will satisfy most of us speed-devils’ interests in pursuing this 200mph lifestyle.

Top 5 Things We Need to See Come Alive in Virtual Reality-Racing

Become a Movie Character

Movies have the ability to consume us. Time and time again we fall in love with a movie character we can relate to. Now, with this technology becoming more readily available, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to become those characters we adore so much. Imagine being in your favorite superhero movie witnessing all the action through their point of view. Or maybe, what if you experienced your favorite emotional moment through the eyes of your dreamy love interest. The possibilities are endless.

Top 5 Things We Need to See Come Alive in Virtual Reality-Movie Character

Relive Epic Moments in History

History is full of memorable moments that only live vividly in the memories of those who were there to witness them. The first ever moon landing, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, even the last time the Cubs won the World Series in 1908. How amazing would it be to live in that time and witness history being made, again? Whether through the eyes of the people present at the time or through our own hovering view, we could all say we were there for these historic moments.

Top 5 Things We Need to See Come Alive in Virtual Reality-Memorable Moments

The future is now, and virtual reality is a big step towards unlocking a magnitude of experiences for us to encounter.

What would you like to see come alive in virtual reality?

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