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Top 10 Custom T-shirt Companies

Are you looking for the top 10 custom t-shirt companies on the market today? Over the past few years, there has certainly been a lot of competition online in the custom t-shirt industry. Unfortunately, some of these printing companies wind up taking on so many different types of objects, besides t-shirts, that they do not give the projects the quality attention that they need. If you want to go directly to an expert and avoid the hassle of inexperienced factory workers, stay tuned. Your days of hiring companies that pay workers to rush through their custom t-shirt graphic design orders will soon be over.

In Google searches, there have been 10 custom t-shirt companies that have risen to the top of search engine lists due to their popularity with customers. Listed below in no particular order are companies that specifically deal with t-shirts and little else. While they all have the same t-shirt printing angle, they each brings something interesting to the table. The next time you need to order custom t-shirts, take these companies into consideration and see if you get a higher quality product.

ript apparel custom tees
If you like a company that is fully in touch with what it means to have fun on their Facebook page, then is right for you. They love to talk about orders and post pictures that their customers send to them. Obviously, they like to build a long-term relationship and treat their clients like family but the real appeal here is that they offer custom t-shirts, coasters, iphone cases, and posters for a limited time for only $10.00. On occasion, they will also have limited time offers for other screen printed items like posters and iPhone cases, but they mainly stick with t-shirts.

Website: RiptApparel
This is another company that sells a limited number of shirts per day and has a lot of prizes. Technically, their active Facebook page is a good sign that their custom t-shirts are of high quality. After all, they make their Facebook wall public without batting an eye and this means they get few irrate customers. Interestingly, also regularly offers artists a chance to submit work and gain some recognition. The fun part about this company’s website is that have two featured custom t-shirts that they offer to customers to vote on each day.

Website: TeeFury
Do you own a collection of custom t-shirts made by top ranking artists? Special collections are the idea behind You can browse and rank the t-shirts that you like and purchase the ones that are available for sale. This is also a great opportunity for designers to submit their art and make it big in the custom t-shirt market. Because it exclusively sells designs voted on by customers that are made by customers, it is one of the most unique t-shirt businesses on the market today.

Website: Threadless
Like the name implies, this is a company that has a female focus and they deviate someone from other companies by offering t-shirts with matching underwear. Of course, this does not mean that excludes men at all. One of the nice things about this company is that they do not have a minimum on orders. This means that you can order a unique t-shirt that only you will own. They also have the option for you to use American Apparel tees and you can save money since their price includes a design from their staff.

Website: CustomizedGirl
Hailing from Des Moines, Iowa, this company’s special geographic location means they are uniquely able to ship anywhere in the country directly from the middle of it. An old family institution in the area, in the past, primarily relied on sales for little league apparel needs. Today, they still offer embroidery, trophies, and custom-made t-shirts. They also include the newer technique of rhinestone over silk screening. After almost 25 years in the business, they have certainly proven their reputation locally and nationwide.

Website: BrokenArrowWear
Similar to most of the custom t-shirt companies online today, this is a screen printing company that allows you to send your logo in or have one made. Located in Athens, Georgia, they have been online since 2004 and are well aware of all the potential problems in that sphere. They do not diversify much outside of standard t-shirts, but do have organic t-shirts and feminine tees. Regardless, this company has a fun angle that you might want to keep in mind. Should the opportunity arise, remember that also makes custom dog apparel.

Website: UberPrints
In this day and age, it seems like a lot of screen printing companies are trying to offer the widest assortment possible. However, limits its selection to only t-shirts and shirt-related items. By doing business with such a narrow focus, they hope to achieve their ultimate goal of offering low prices. When the owners of the company were still in high school, they could not get t-shirts made for their tennis club. Soon, they discovered that there was a 50% to 60% markup on t-shirts in the silk screening market. This means that, as long as you follow their parameters, you can count on for affordable rates.

Website: ooShirts
Are you having trouble finding custom printed t-shirts in the 3XL, 2XL, or 1XL range? When you need to get the sizing right, is ready to serve. They also have clothing items to print for infants and children. Despite the fact that they do not create business marketing items like mousepads or mugs, they do cater toward any kind of business-logo apparel. This means that they have employee polo shirts as well as aprons with the company logo printed on them. Of course, their focus is on the idea of the rush order and this implies that they have some of the best shipping policies in the business.

Website: RushOrderTees
Do you insist on making your own design for a t-shirt but do not like the software on many of the printers’ websites? For debacles like these, comes to the rescue. Their online design studio produces results that the customers rave about. Additionally, their offering of American Apparel, Gildan, and Fruit of the Loom mean customers have the ability to select brands. Whether you want a single printed t-shirt or over 100,, customers often review this website as offering some of the best of the basics.

Website: BlueCotton
Some people are extremely artistic and others simply have a small streak of artistic talent. If you know that paying someone else to do a simple design is not worth it, but you need a good vector graphic picture to get you started, is right for you. They have over 2000 free graphics and specialize in business and athletic apparel products.

Website: SkylineShirts

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