The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates

The 2016 Presidential election has caused quite a stir across the United States. Some would argue this election is just an insane media fiasco seen throughout the controversial campaign tactics. At this point, who’s to say a qualified cartoon character wouldn’t do a better job at “Making America Great Again”? With that being said, here are the some of the most qualified and probably the best cartoon character presidential candidates for 2016.

1. Stan Smith from American Dad

Definitely a Republican candidate, Stan is the patriotic and straightforward family man. Initially, he demonstrated highly unethical methods at times: putting his neighbors in a terrorist detention camp, using a body scanner on his liberal daughter, attempting to kill his atheist friend through drastic measures. Throughout the seasons, he has become less xenophobic and more cognizant of his country’s diversity. Due to his position as a CIA agent, Stan is constantly alert and sometimes overly paranoid with the hope of protecting his country. Stan Smith, overall, has become a reformed man that’s eligible for office.


The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Stan Smith
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2. Superman

Who better to represent our American ideal than Superman himself? He’s already known in every household for being the superhero of superheroes. His past line of work displays feminist ideals, hatred for corporate America, and a humanitarian flair. He surpasses intellectual obstacles with super-intelligence, listens keenly with super-hearing, and who needs drones when you have Superman on the job? We’d just have to make sure that Kryptonite stays out of the Oval Office.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Superman
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3. Squidward

Squidward may be cynical, but at least he’s a realist. He’s relatable with his false confidence toward his clarinet and his tolerance with Spongebob as his neighbor. Squidward devotes his life to being a lover of the Arts, so funding art education would be the driving theme of his campaign. His wealthy archrival, Squilliam, would pitch in for his Super PAC, as long as he gets to throw shade at Squidward throughout the process.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Squidward
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4. Underdog

“There’s no need to fear. Underdog is here!” Talk about a catchy public speaker. Underdog rhymes better than Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech for Trump. We have two political parties being represented, but what about a political party for anthropomorphic dogs? Underdog will not discriminate against either party since he is half pup half human.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Underdog
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5. Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls

Who needs Hillary Rodham Clinton when you can have Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls? She’s proven herself to be headstrong, conscientious, confident, and level-headed. Although she is a younger candidate, Blossom demonstrates skills beyond her year by protecting Townsville against Mojo Jojo and other villains that parallel real world personas.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Blossom
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6. Jimmy Neutron

C’mon! Running this country for Jimmy would be a breeze. I mean, the kid is presumed to be a genius, so, hopefully, handling international affairs would be a cake walk. His ease with innovation could yield in more technological advancements to make our lives easier. Jimmy would no doubt advocate for more funding to the technology and healthcare sectors.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Jimmy Neutron
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7. Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo

With aspirations to be a NASA research scientist, this candidate is one smart cookie. Velma is the brains behind every Mystery Gang ghost operation. She would care for our country like she cares for her confidants. And with today’s contact lenses, she’ll never have to worry about finding those elusive glasses. Which could add to her appearance of being fully together and not a bumbling idiot.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Velma
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8. Fred Flinstone

Fred Flinstone is undoubtedly a working man who could relate to the 99%! He’s a family man with a soft heart and an aggressive eagerness to improve. Fred knows how to apologize and how to gain a network through mindful friendliness. With Fred Flinstone in office, our nation could “Yabba Dabba Doo” anything!

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Fred
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9. Bugs Bunny

Bugs is the type of bunny who doesn’t need to tell you he’s the smartest one in the room, he’ll simply show you. He keeps the audience directly informed of what he’s about to do in every animated skit. This constant flow of communication will bring transparency to the White House, stopping scandals and doubts before they arise.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Bugs Bunny
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10. Stewie Griffin & Brian from Family Guy

This dynamic duo would have to run together. Stewie creates countless mechanisms that range up and down the scientific complexity scale, while liberal extremist Brian takes interest in writing novels. Brian is known for being pro-equality and all in for legalizing marijuana. Brian would be the one to scheme the liberal plans while Stewie would have no problem finding a way to implement them.

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Family guy
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11. Mickey Mouse

Known to frequently appear on voter registration lists, let’s make Mickey Mouse’s candidacy a reality. His authenticity from the start of Steamboat Willie makes him a credible media paradigm to this day. His expertise on media portrayal makes him comparable to JFK and FDR. Who better to give the State of the Union address than America’s most beloved animated figure?

The Best Cartoon Character Presidential Candidates: Mickey Mouse
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This year’s presidential election is definitely an intense one, but I’m sure we could all agree these are the best cartoon character presidential candidates that should be included on this year’s voting ballot.

What other cartoon characters should run for the 2016 presidency?


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