The Nine Most Underrated Sidekicks

The Nine Most Underrated Sidekicks of All Time

Arguably anyone or anything remarkable throughout history has had a sidekick. It’s a time-tested fact that no one can deny. Neil Armstrong had Buzz Aldrin, Simon had Garfunkel, Ferris Bueller had Cameron—you get the idea. Sometimes, these dynamic duos wind up with a bit of shade cast over their lesser halves. Today, we thought we’d examine the true underdogs of the sidekick world, and bring them the recognition that they’ve undoubtedly been longing for. Let’s dive in and take a look at nine of the most underrated sidekicks of all time.


Underrated Sidekicks Brock Victory
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Forever associated with being third wheel to Ash and Misty, Brock is undoubtedly an underrated sidekick for the ages. Aside from being the leader of the Pewter City Gym, Brock was known to be the caretaker for his absurd amount of younger siblings. If that wasn’t enough, he gave it all up to roam around Kanto in support of his newfound pals—the very ones to which he’d eventually take a seemingly perpetual backseat. As an aspiring Pokemon breeder (and a not-so-great ladies man), Brock’s life goals seem to revolve around the life and ambitions of Ash Ketchum. Open your eyes, Brock. Open them and see that your friends are taking you for granted. Brock is truly an underrated sidekick without a doubt.


Underrated SIdekicks Elvis Saves Dr Carroll
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There are two types of people in the world. There are those in camp Goldeneye, and those in the camp of its (arguably) superior cousin, Perfect Dark. Fans of the latter will recognize Elvis as the quick witted bodyguard for the Maian ambassador (and later sidekick to Joanna Dark) in the Perfect dark universe—a dystopian future world in which he acts as a figure of comic relief. He’s quite under-appreciated, as are the dad jokes that he likes to drop at the most inappropriate of times. Elvis was the embodiment of the phrase, “clutch,” as evidenced by that time he gave Joanna his gun that could aim and shoot through freakin’ walls—and left with no thanks for it. He probably should’ve left her where she found him in Area 51.

Barnacle Boy

Underrated Sidekicks Barnacle Boy Grumpy
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Forever seen as a child by Mermaid Man, his crime fighting partner, Barnacle Boy has spent his entire career as a sidekick in the shadows of the “old coot”. He is an integral component in the dynamic duo, but has never truly gotten the respect that he deserves from his counterpart. Barnacle Boy once switched to the dark side and briefly became a villain as a result of Mermaid Man’s unwillingness to let him eat an adult-sized Krabby Patty. It would be nice if just once in his long, thankless life of crime-fighting that Barnacle Boy received the appreciation that has been long overdue.

Underrated Sidekicks Marmaid Man, Barnacle Boy Unite
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Stimpy J. Cat

Underrated Sidekicks Stimpy Belly Button
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Most have probably repressed their memories of Ren and Stimpy, having presumably flushed them out with a bowl of giblets, as well as their childhood innocence. Stimpy stuck with Ren through thick and thin, through sickness and health—that’s a remarkable thing to do with a perpetually furious chihuahua. Ren should be thankful that Stimpy only ran and escaped once– even then, it was only to the depths of his own belly button, resulting in a psychedelic journey. He returned to the outside world only after becoming a slave to Jerry the bellybutton elf—a creature arguably more psychotic than Ren. Truly an embodiment of fortitude, our belly-button lent hats go off to you, Stimpy.

Underrated Sidekicks Stimpy and Jerry Dinner
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Miles “Tails” Prower

Underrated Sidekicks Tails Copter
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Tails is the humble, charming sidekick and best friend of Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic couldn’t have done it without Tails. Well, maybe he could have, but that’s like saying that the Beatles couldn’t have done it without Ringo—like, they probably could’ve, but it just wouldn’t have been right. Tails is invaluable to Sonic due to his agility, and ability to use his weird double set of tails in the fashion of helicopter blades. sadly, his name is often overshadowed by that of his superior… Sonic. This easily makes a case for Tails as a truly underrated sidekick.


Underrated Sidekicks Grimace Smile
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Chances are, you have no idea what the purpose of Grimace’s existence is, or even what he is, for that matter. Most people seem to think that Grimace is a taste bud, which is understandable—not a lot of people know what a taste bud looks like, although if they had to put a finger on it, it would probably be big,  purple, and goofy looking.

Grimace himself is actually more of an abstract concept, believe it or not, as he is supposed to be the embodiment of a milkshake. Back in the day when he was first introduced, he was actually a milkshake thief; a companion to the infamous Hamburglar. Since then, he’s really turned his life around and embraced the mystery that comes with being a sort of conceptual figure. We like to think that he hangs around with the rest of the McDonald’s crew for moral support. Great job, Grimace. A truly under-appreciated sidekick indeed.


Skeeter Valentine

Underrated Sidekicks Skeeter Skateboard
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Usually spotted around Bluffington, unexpectedly “Honk-Honk”-ing his way into any given situation, Skeeter Valentine is one cool cat. Anyone who remembers Doug will remember Skeeter taking a backseat to the show’s titular character, even though Skeeter has been known to save Doug’s little bald ass on more than one occasion. Remember that time that Doug was worried because he didn’t know how to dance? Guess which slick guy taught him. Remember that other time that Doug was self conscious because his grandma made him fat right before the big pool party? Skeeter’s brutally honest observation inspired him to hit the gym. Skeeter was undoubtedly the antidote to Doug’s pessimism. Though it’s been a hot second since we’ve seen him on our TVs, we haven’t forgotten you, Skeeter.


Underrated Sidekicks Midna Silhouette
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Sarcastic, annoying, mysterious, and even just kinda weird and imp-ish looking—some might think it’s a wonder how Midna ended up on the list of the most underrated sidekicks. Well, those in question have obviously never made it past the first chunk of “Twilight Princess.” As it turns out, Midna is invaluable in that she is able to use her powers from the twilight realm to greatly aid Link in his ever-expanding quest. She turns out to be an underdog of sorts, and arguably a sort of selfless hero for her pals back home. To err on the side of non-spoilers (the game is 10 years old, if you haven’t finished it yet, hurry up.), let’s just say that her role in the twist ending is mind-blowing.


Underrated Sidekicks GIR Dog Suit
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Last but certainly not least, Gir is undoubtedly the champion of the Invader Zim universe. Made from defective scrap materials and given to Zim out of spite, Gir is the closest thing that resembles any kind of friend to him. Gir remains cheerful under a veil of blissful ignorance, despite Zim’s authoritarian attitude and actions in his failed day to day schemes. Wouldn’t it be nice if just once Zim decided to take a break from the game of world domination, just to pull up a chair and watch The Scary Monkey show with his only friend? We’re here for you, Gir, and we brought cupcakes.

After All

Sometimes there just isn’t room for there to be two number 1’s. It’s definitely possible to be the best number 2 of all time, but still fall in the shadow of your superior—but it doesn’t always have to be out of spite or unfairness. For some, it’s just their place in the universe. Don’t get us wrong, some of these guys definitely got the shaft, but maybe some of the others are where they belong- forever destined to be cult favorites, or namely underrated figures. Whatever the answer may be, we hope that these guys can finally get some of the appreciation that they so deserve.

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