6 Awesome Taco Bell Locations Deadpool Can’t Visit


Deadpool loves tacos, chimichangas (or at least saying the word,) and nachos. Who doesn’t!? In Deadpool Sins of the Past Vol. 1, The Merc is quoted as saying:

“You have any idea how hard it is to find a joint that’ll serve a guy in a mask and bandolier? They won’t even let me into Taco Bell!”

Taco Bell is surprisingly international, with locations in countries such as Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, Cyprus, The UK, and even Aruba! Deadpool might not be able to come, but grab your passport and your appetite, because we’ve put together this list of the coolest Taco Bells that you’ll definitely want to visit.


Chicago, Illinois



On Sept. 22, Taco Bell is opening a “Taco Bell Cantina” location that offers a more upscale fast-food experience, as well as liquor! Now you can get a frozen margarita, wine, or beer with your cheesy fiesta potatoes.


Pacifica, California



This Taco Bell is located smack dab in the middle of a beach not too far from San Francisco, where the second Taco Bell Cantina location is opening in the coming months.


Madrid, Spain



With three locations in Madrid, Taco Bell has a deal where you get a taco and beer for only 1 Euro every Tuesday, and they also offer Choco-dillas. That’s right, chocolate quesadillas.


Mumbai, India




India is home to seven Taco Bells, as well as a chicken tikka masala burrito! They also feature different sodas than in the US of A, such as an orange pop called Mirinda.


Seoul, South Korea



There are currently two Taco Bell locations in the thriving city of Seoul, South Korea. One of the unique tacos they feature is the grilled Bulgogi, which literally means fire meat in Korean.


Ontario, Canada


The Merc can’t even visit any of the 29 Taco Bells in his native Canada! They’re one of three countries who serve Taco Bell fries. There’s not much different about Taco Bell in the Great White North except you might see a moose at a drive through window.


Anywhere, USA



This may be the only place Deadpool could actually get a Taco Bell Taco. The truck travels around the United States giving out free tacos to any passers-by. Too bad it doesn’t have a tracker, we’d love to see where we can get free Taco Bell. Road trip, anyone?

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