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RIPT T-Shirts: Shaun of the Dead, A Graphical Beginners Guide

Shaun of the Dead is a favorite movie at RIPT T-shirts, so we thought we would help all the fans that have not seen this awesome movie get caught up. The following graphic is a beginners guide that you can give to your girlfriend or boyfriend if they have not seen the movie. It will give them the basics outlined below, so they will not keep asking questions throughout the movie.

Key things in the movie
These key topics include a Shaun Of The Dead synopsis and plot summary; a list of the main characters and the actors that played them; important locations including Shaun, Ed and Pete’s apartment, Barbara’s House, Liz’s apartment, and the famous Winchester; and the weapons used in the movie including the cricket bat, a record, a shovel, and an ashtray.

It also includes some of the fun Shaun Of The Dead Quotes such as:
“You’ve got red on you.”
“Oi! Prick!”
“She’s like but’tah.”
“Who died and make you Kind of the F**ing Zombies???”
“How’s that for a slice of friend gold?”

shaun of the dead graphic

What’s your favorite scene or quote from Shaun Of The Dead, let us know below.

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