RIPT Apparel changes Artist payout to 10% of total sales and more!

Today RIPT Apparel is making some major announcements regarding our relationship with our artist community.  One of our many goals for 2015 is to sweeten the deal between RIPT and our artists.  But we just can’t wait until 2015 rolls around so as of today the following policies are in place:

Changes to Artist Commissions

Currently artists receive $1.00/per item sold.  Effective Monday, November 17th, we are changing the artist commission to 10% of the subtotal of each item sold.  So let’s break it down for you with some examples:
  • Men’s Large T-Shirt = $10.00 / Artist Commission = $1.00
  • Men’s 5XL T-Shirt = $15.00 / Artist Commission = $1.50
  • Men’s 5XL T-Shirt (during Last Call) = $20 / Artist Commission = $2.00
  • Hoodie = $40 / Artist Commission = $4.00
RIPT pays artists more!

Changes to Art Submission Turnaround Time

But wait, there’s more!  We’ve also been working on our art submission turnaround time so artists will know within 10 business days whether their design will be printed or not.  We want you to know as fast as possible.  So don’t be afraid to submit that awesome art!
Stress-free submission review, or your money back!

Artist Wholesale Pricing for Additional Items

We are also offering wholesale pricing for artists that wish to get additional items featuring their design sold at RIPT Apparel.  Artists will still receive their free t-shirt when their design is featured at RIPT, but if they want more we can make it a little less expensive to get them.  During the day of your sale, let the staff at RIPT Apparel know you want to make an additional wholesale order and you can get 20% off the retail price.
Want extra copies of your design to give to friends, family, or re-sell yourself? No problem!

Invitation for Artists to Join the RIPT Apparel Affiliate Program

To top it all off, we’d like to invite you to join the RIPT Apparel Affiliate Program through which you’ll receive a unique link you can share every time you or your friends have a design for sale. Using affiliate links, you can make even more money during your sale period and beyond.  This means that every time you promote your own design via any of your internet channels, you make an additional 5% of the subtotal on any sale created from your link.  This doesn’t just work for your designs, but for ANY sale made at RIPT Apparel via your link.  See a design you like?  Post your affiliate link.  A friend has a design up and you want to help promote it?  Post your affiliate link.  There are countless methods to increase your affiliate revenue, and it all starts here.
RIPT Apparel affiliate-banner
Join the RIPT Apparel affiliate program and start making extra money today!
So that’s the news.  Everything else is still business-as-usual.  Unbeatable prices, one of the fastest shipping speeds you can find, high-quality products created in-house with love, and top-notch customer service. So rest-assured sending your fans and customers to RIPT Apparel will always be a positive and memorable extension of your brand.
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