Pro Hacks To Avoid Force Awakens Spoilers!

The amount of people able to ruin your Star Wars moment is strong, so we’ve developed Pro Hacks To Avoid Force Awakens Spoilers.

We would estimate that nearly half of planet Earth will be heading to see The Force Awakens sometime this weekend. It’s already sold more tickets on Fandango than any movie ever has during it’s entire run. The latest Star Wars could damn well shatter the box office.

If you’re one of those people with a golden ticket, this article isn’t for you.

This is for those that have to work through the weekend. This is for people that are going to see it on Christmas with their families.

This article is for people like us that saw IMAX tickets sell out faster than Lando to the Empire.

Deep breaths folks.

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1.) Install the Star Wars blocker

The internet can be a harsh jungle to avoid Force Awakens plot points. Thankfully, Google Chrome felt the struggle too as they’ve developed extensions that protect you from spoilers. Force Block: the Star Wars Spoiler blocker will give you an alert of a potential Star Wars mention before you enter a webpage.


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2.) Get off the Grid

Turn off your phone for the weekend. Lock your computer in a safe and then throw the safe in the ocean. Might as well donate your TV to the dumpster too. As of typing this, Star Wars themed Dodge commercials aired three times on our TV. Getting off the grid is one of the only ways (besides coldly ignoring every single human interaction) to ensure you can save all the best parts for your own viewing!


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1.) Read ZERO Reviews

Consider reviews the landmines of spoiler space. It may be tempting to grab your local paper and flip to the movie section, but it’s just not worth it. One second you’re looking at how many stars they rated, the next you’re neck deep in spoilerific plot details.

2.) Search for ANYthing Star Wars

Can’t make it any simpler than that. Googling Star Wars can bring you anything from Cheez-Its, to Crocs, to possible spoilers that destroy happiness. Don’t do it!


Spoilers are the embodiment of the Dark Side. Resist the temptation until your big day at the movie theater arrives!

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Got another tip for Star Wars fans to avoid spoilers? Share in the comments below and let us know!






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