This Week in Nerd Culture 9/24-9/30

A lot happened this week.  We know it’s hard to keep up on everything.  Don’t worry though, we at RIPT Apparel have got you covered.  We’ve compiled the biggest stories This week in Nerd Culture. Did we miss anything?


The Magnificent Seven debuts as one of the highest grossing western movie opening of all time.

This Week in Nerd Culture-Magnificent Seven

Tarantino fails to disappoint once again with yet another cult classic. Sure this may be a reboot of the already popular original “Magnificent Seven” but with Tarantino’s film expertise, this movie was bound to be good. Check out the link below!


Stan Lee has already filmed his next 4 Marvel cameos

This Week in Nerd Culture-Stan Lee

Man, do we love to point out Stan Lee’s cameos in all the Marvel movies. Well, the man has already filmed the next 4 cameos from upcoming MCU movies! Check out the article here:


Luke Cage is Now Available on Netflix.  Check out the final trailer here.

This Week on Nerd Culture-Luke Cage

The wait is finally over! Netflix has just released all episodes of Luke Cage available to everyone with a Netflix subscription. Check out the final trailer in the link below!


One Punch Man gets a 2nd season and a game app

This Week in Nerd Culture

The funniest overpowered superhero just got a brand new season, and a new game! Check out the full story here:


4 Upcoming Fox films coming to IMAX

This Week in Nerd Culture-Fox and IMAX

After the success of “Deadpool” Fox and IMAX have agreed to team up again for a series of 4 more blockbuster movies! Read all the details here:


Jon Favreau to Direct Live action Lion King Movie

This Week in Nerd Culture-Lion King

Who doesn’t want to see their favorite childhood movie come alive?


ASA is investigating No Man Sky for false advertising

This Week in Nerd Culture-No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky didn’t turn out to be what people expected. Now, they’re being investigated by the ASA for false advertising… Check out this story here:


Final Trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Released

This Week in Nerd Culture-Fantastical Beasts

This highly anticipated movie that is said to be the next Harry Potter just released its final trailer! Check it out here:


Confirmed: Doctor Strange will Appear in Avengers: Infinity Wars

This Week in Nerd Culture-Doctor Strange

Big news for all those Doctor Strange fans out there. Your favorite mind-bending mage will appear in what could be the biggest superhero movie ever!


Deathstroke will make his DC Universe Debut in the Upcoming Justice League Movie

This Week in Nerd Culture-Deathstroke

The baddest of all DC mercenaries has been confirmed (kinda) to appear in Zach Snyder’s Justice League! Check out the link below for the full story!


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