This Week in Nerd Culture 10/1-10/7

A lot happened this week.  We know it’s hard to keep up on everything.  Don’t worry though we at RIPT Apparel have you covered.  We’ve compiled the biggest stories This week in Nerd Culture. Did we miss anything?=


“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” First Trailer Release

This Week in Nerd Culture-Pirates


The new Batman movie will be called “The Batman”

This Week in Nerd Culture


Marvel’s “Iron Fist” gets release date and teasers

This Week in Nerd Culture-Iron Fist


Thor 3 leaked details could point to Planet Hulk

This Week in Nerd Culture-Thor 3


Netflix announces release date for “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”

This Week in Nerd Culture-Lemony Snicket


New name and poster revealed for the upcoming Wolverine movie

This Week in Nerd Culture-Logan


“War of the Planet of the Apes” Teaser Trailer Drops

This Week in Nerd Culture-Planet


Teaser Trailer Revealed for Dr. Who Spinoff

This Week in Nerd Culture-Class


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