Do We Need the Black Panther in the Avengers?

Do We Need the Black Panther in the Avengers?

Hailing from the vibranium-rich African country of Wakanda, the Black Panther, or T’Challa as he’s known outside of the suit, is one of the strongest and most popular characters from the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. Superhumanly fast, agile, strong, and smart, the Black Panther is everything a perfect superhero is expected to be­­, yet also boasts all the political traits and knowledge that make up an ideal world leader.  These traits make the Black Panther a very popular superhero and a perfect addition to Marvel’s Avengers. But do we really need the Black Panther as yet another member of the Avengers?

First Black Superhero in the World of Comics

Perhaps the most important reason why we need the Black Panther is his significance as being the first black superhero in the mainstream comic book world. The Black Panther is iconic in his creation, embodying Marvel’s stance on cultural diversity and giving them a historical cultural advantage compared to other comic book companies of that time. The Black Panther paved the way for the creation of other black Marvel superheroes like the Falcon and Luke Cage, as well as black superhero characters from DC Comics like Tyroc and Black Lighting. The creation of the Black Panther during a time when segregation and discrimination against African-Americans was being fought against played a big part in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s by breaking yet another barrier that previously had no black presence: superhero comics.

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Only Black Lead Superhero in the Avengers

Not only is the Black Panther the iconic first black superhero in comics, but he is also the only black primary superhero in the Avengers; unlike characters such as Falcon or War Machine, who are more of sidekicks to Captain America and Iron Man rather than main superheroes of the Avengers. This element adds diversity into the Avengers’ cast by not only diversifying in race but also in nationality due to the Black Panther’s Wakandan origin. His addition to the Avengers labels the team as a group that invites extraordinary people to fight alongside them for the greater good regardless of that person’s demographics. This, in turn, makes the Avengers more popular by having more diverse heroes on their team.

One Cool Cat in All Black

Simply put, the Black Panther is the ultimate cool superhero everyone wants to be. Black is still the new black, and always will be. The Black Panther is the first male Marvel superhero that dons an entirely black outfit, which, in fashion, is closely associated with elegance. The kind of elegance the Black Panther expresses through the many martial arts he has mastered. The Black Panther also wields a vibranium-weave suit complete with gloves that house anti-metal claws which dissolve other metals on contact, as well as vibranium padded boot soles that allow him to run on walls, land silently, and survive high falls undamaged. Apart from his uniform and equipment, the Black Panther has unique powers and abilities that no other superhero has. He has the ability to track an enemy for miles based only on his scent or even control the undead through his sacred mysticism. With so many powers and resources the Black Panther has at his disposal, who wouldn’t want to be a fan of Marvel’s coolest superhero?

World Leader Wisdom

When not in the suit, T’Challa is busy ruling one of Marvel’s most powerful and prosperous nations, Wakanda. His experience doing so gives him a significant edge when talking decision-making and politics with the Avengers. Captain America and Iron Man may arguably be the leaders of the Avengers in battle, but they also must understand the political and social effects the Avengers create globally. In such cases, none are wiser than the Black Panther when it comes to globally-impactful decisions. He knows how to handle other world leaders in political debate, how to go about global policies involving the Avengers, and even how to sway a crowd of followers into wanting to fight for him. This gives them a significant edge not only in combat, but also in politics. The Black Panther’s policy-making, rallying, and social influence effectively make him an ideal leader for the Avengers.

So, do you think we need the Black Panther in the Avengers? Tell us why or why not!

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