Kickass Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Be Backing Right Now

The Best Kickstarter Campaigns to Back

Technology is tirelessly working to make our lives better, but who is pioneering these advancements? Kickstarter is a crowd-funding site where you can pledge your money to back products that you believe in. Some of the campaigns can be kind of ridiculous, but a lot of them are really freakin’ cool! So check out these kickass Kickstarter campaigns you should be backing right now!

1. Noria: Cool, redefined. (Pledge $299 or more and receive one Noria air conditioner)

Noria will redefine how you view window air conditioning units. It’s sleek, lightweight, and easy to install. No more heavy, backbreaking lifting. And hey, no more expensive energy bills, since Noria can be programmed to shut off when no one’s home. If your apartment or home lacks a central AC unit, Noria will save you from the summer heat.


2. Lockstone – Capture and Enhance the Life of your Favourite Fragrance (Pledge $37 of more and receive a Lockstone pendant)

We all like to smell nice, but a morning spray of cologne or perfume can’t last all day. Lockstone offers a solution to this. It absorbs your cologne/perfume and slowly releases it throughout the day. Makes a great gift for that smelly someone in your life.


3. THE PERFECT CHINO | CUSTOM MADE TO FIT YOU by Woodies (Pledge $88 or more and receive one pair of perfectly fitting chinos)

Humans come in all shapes and sizes, that’s one of the things that makes us unique. However, it can make trying to find well-fitting pants nearly impossible. Luckily for you, Woodies creates the perfect chino pants for anyone. Simply send in your measurements and you too can have custom pants!


4. ezcontrol – Home Automation Made Easy (Pledge $59 or more and receive one ezcontrol device)

Ezcontrol is the all-in-one home automation device. Unlike other home automation systems, ezcontrol communicates with all your devices through infrared and radio signals, allowing you to control all your appliances and systems through the click of a button.


5.The Wall Garden: The world’s most convenient indoor garden (Pledge $40 of more and receive a special edition Kickstarter garden kit)

This ingenious invention combines art and nature, allowing you to grow a garden on your wall! The beauty of this invention is its simplicity. Hang it up, fill it with water, and plug it in, and you’ll have an indoor, hanging garden in no time! You can grow fresh herbs and vegetables to spice up your homemade dinners, or flowers and decorative plants to light up any room!


6. FormBox: A Desktop Vacuum Former That Makes Beautiful Things (Pledge $349 of more and receive a FormBox)

FormBox allows you to easily create plastic molds of any object your heart desires (assuming it fits in the machine, of course). It’s simple to use, quick, and quite nifty! What you do with those molds is only limited by your imagination! Want a banana shaped lamp fixture? Create a mold of a banana, buy some LEDs, and you’re good to go!


7. Heated Sleeping Bag (Pledge $149 or more and receive any heated sleeping bag liner)

A big drawback to camping, most of the time, is the weather. No one enjoys waking up frozen to the core after a night of sleeping on the ground. Luckily, the Ravean Team has devised a solution, a heated sleeping bag that will allow you to enjoy camping year round, without worrying about packing a thousand blankets, layering up with extra thick socks, or being rushed to the hospital with a severe case of hypothermia.


8. LocTote – The Theft-Proof Drawstring Backpack (Due to ridiculous demand, the lowest pledge you can make is $149, for a LocTote bag)

This is one awesome drawstring bag! It’s got all the features you could ever need in a bag. It can’t be cut, it has a waterproof pocket, it has a steel reinforced locking strap, it’s RFID protected, and it’s ridiculously soft as well as durable. The functionality of this bag is amazing! Say goodbye to constantly checking on your bag, and put your mind at rest with the LocTote.


9. Truu – Wireless Earbuds With Wireless Charging (Pledge $169 of more and receive an earlybird edition of the Truu Earbuds)

Truu earbuds are completely wireless earbuds that charge by being placed on a sleekly-designed charging platform that looks like a smooth block of wood on top of a modern base. They deliver high-quality sounds, have Bluetooth capabilities, and a surprisingly long-lasting battery at 5hrs of constant usage on a single charge. Don’t let wires weigh you down, get Truu earbuds.


10. Aurai – The World’s 1st Cool/Warm Water-propelled Eye Massager (Pledge $129 or more and receive your very own

In our digital age, it’s more and more common to encounter eye fatigue. We are constantly staring at screens. Whether it’s our work computer, personal laptop, or our cell phone. All this staring takes a toll on our eyes. Aurai is the answer to this problem. It’s the first ever eye massager, and from the looks of it, it works wonders! If you suffer from eye strain, headaches, or even insomnia, perhaps Aurai is the solution you’ve been searching for.


Whatever you’re searching for, chances are someone on Kickstarter is already working on revolutionizing the way you view that product. Kickstarter gives you a chance to back ideas that you believe in and be a part of creating something new. With every dollar pledged, these innovators are one step closer to bringing a brand new, innovative idea to the market.

So, were these the best Kickstarter campaigns to back? What other Kickstarters out there are worth backing?

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