6 Geeky “Fresh Prince” Parody Videos

Today’s tee, Proud Prince by diegopedauye, is inspired by one of the most recognizable theme songs of all time. You know the one with Will Smith sitting on his throne, singing about how his life got flip-turned upside-down? That’s the one. So we’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, and take a gander at these geeky parody videos we’ve shared!

Here’s the original, for reference.

The Fresh Prince of Rockford Hills

YouTube user Merfish creates TV show intro parodies using Simple Trainer for Grand Theft Auto V, and it only took him one day to complete! He’s also done the Pokemon theme, Keenan & Kel, Friends and more! Warning: it’s a bit graphic, but what else would you expect from GTA?


The Fresh Prince(s) of Gotham

Jadeile uploaded this Batman: The Animated Series parody video back in 2008, but it’s still awesome today! It’s based on this live-action version of the cover by Spoonbank:


LEGO Animated Fresh Prince

It must have taken zdstudios a long time to make this stop-motion version of the iconic Fresh Prince intro. It’s a shot-for-shot stop motion cover! Imagine if Emmet from The Lego Movie watched The Fresh Prince instead of “Where Are My Pants?”


Fresh Prince of the Force Awakens

This parody is more of an epic mashup than a cover, but it mixes two of the coolest themes out there. Semi-collin is my nickname created this video on FinalCut Pro for a class. This is a catchy jam that DJ Jazzy Jeff would definitely approve of.


Google Translate: The Fresh Prince


For the tech geeks out there, have you ever tried to Google Translate something from English to another language, and then back to English to test out how effective it is? Collectivecadenza did just that, with the lyrics to The Fresh Prince! This group of musicians from NYC play the theme live while the lyrics change.

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