8 Games Guaranteed to Make You Geek Out

Everyone loves a good game. And no, we don’t mean bunco, bingo, or bridge. Classic board games are a guaranteed way to bring a group of friends together, or absolutely tear them apart.

What’s your favorite non-virtual game, geeky or not? Comment below for your chance to win a free tee! Be sure to check out this week’s giveaway, the RIPT Classic Gamer Bundle! Click here to enter. Here’s RIPT’s list of extraordinarily awesome pop culture inspired board games.

Trivial Pursuit – Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Edition


To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, Trivial Pursuit released a completely ranger-centered game. If you’re unfamiliar with Trivial Pursuit, each player takes turns rolling a die and moving around the board, answering questions with color coded topics until you land on a pie space. If you answer the question correctly, you get a piece of the pie! First person to fill their little pie dish with all six pieces, wins! Topics include Ranger Gear, Allies and Villains, Rangers and their Zords, The Legacy, Behind the Power, and Wild Card. If you’re not a Power Rangers buff, this could be a tough one.


Monopoly – Avengers


There are probably 942 different branded Monopoly boards, many of which appeal to pop culture geeks. The game’s been around for more than 100 years, so it’s no surprise that just a few different variations have been made. Though someone inevitably will flip the game board over in a fit of rage, you can at least play in style. Marvel and Hasbro teamed up to create The Avengers Monopoly. This board is the most non-traditional we’ve ever seen. The money isn’t even money, it’s “Power”! If you’re a Marvel maniac, try to get through this one without Hulk-smashing the board.


The Game of Life – Spongebob Squarepants Edition


Admit it, you wanted to live in Bikini Bottom as a kid. With The Game of Life, now you can at least pretend you live in a pineapple under the sea! Get a job as a fry cook, an ice cream vendor, or you can go to Boating School with Mrs. Puff! Instead of retiring in Millionaire Estates, you can kick back at the Shady Shoals Retirement Home with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Milton Bradley sure knows how to make a themed board game, that’s for sure.


The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul Game


This game isn’t a themed edition of anything else. You actually play as a Nazgul. It’s kind of fun to be the bad guy sometimes. The Lord of the Rings: Nazgul Game’s website explains the rules like this: “you are faced with three Campaigns that you must conquer before the Ringbearer carries the One Ring to Mount Doom. If you cannot complete them in time, all players lose! Along the way, you will earn Victory Points; and if the group succeeds in its duty, the player with the most VPs wins!” We found it for a whopping $90 on Amazon, but if you get to play as an undead ring wraith, it may be worth the gouge in your wallet.


Road Trip – Star Trek The Original Series


Are we there yet? We don’t think it would be possible to be bored flying on the USS Enterprise. You start the game as a Starfleet Academy recruit. The central goal is to win an internship on the Enterprise. On the way, you face lots of challenges such as finding all your classes, or your roommates switching your toothpaste and shaving cream. It’s basically like going through college for Trekkies. This company also produces Zombie and Batman versions of the game.


Risk – Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones released its own award-winning edition of a Risk-eque board game back in 2003. Fast forward five seasons, 12 years, and drop the “-esque”. HBO partnered with Hasbro to create what’s probably the most complicated and incredible version of Risk. The game takes FOREVER to play, but Westeros wasn’t conquered in a day. It’s comprised of more than 650 pieces, two custom game boards, seven different armies inspired by the GoT houses, seven player boards and 28 character cards. You can play three different ways for hours of geeky, icy and fire-y fun. You may want to stock up on snacks before this game gets going.


Clue – The Simpsons


This one’s an oldie but goodie. The Simpsons Edition of clue was released back in 2000, and it’s really hard to come by now-a-days. It’s your standard Clue game, Groening-ified. Play as Marge, Bart, Homer, Lisa, Krusty or Waylon Smithers. The objective is to find out who killed Mr. Burns. It’s simple enough, but it’s pretty neat to see a Simpsonfied Col. Mustard and Mrs. Peacock.




It’s a universal truth that Cards Against Humanity is one of the most entertaining games out there. Throw in superhero references, and you’ve got yourself Superfight. Any pop culture fan would appreciate this game. It’s simple, can be played by large groups, and won’t cause too many real-life fights. Take a character, give it a weapon, and give it a weakness. It’s up to the judge to decide who would win the melee. If you’re into hypothetical situations, you need this game.

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