The Most Expensive Mortal Kombat X-Ray Injuries

Mortal Kombat is by far one of the most violent and gruesome video game series ever made. What more do you expect from the video game that popularized the skull and spine extraction, right? We enjoy the brutal nature of the game because we enjoy beating the crap out of out our best friends from time to time. But, one of the biggest things that goes unaccounted in Mortal Kombat is the cost of all the brutal x-ray injuries. When you take a realistic approach, no one should be able to get up from a shattered skull and broken spine injury, let alone survive that. These Kombatants must have the greatest surgeons in the world, and a whole lot of money pay them with. So, in case you’re wondering how much their medical bills are, here’s an estimate of the most expensive Mortal Kombat x-ray injuries from Mortal Kombat X!



The Most Expensive Mortal Kombat X-Ray Injuries-Scorpion

Broken jaw: $30,000

Heart transplant: $787,700

Skull reconstruction: $14,500

Facial reconstruction: $23,460

Broken spine-neck: $150,000

Total cost: $1,005,660



The Most Expensive Mortal Kombat X-Ray Injuries-Kenshi

Shattered skull: $100,000

Eyeball transplants: $15,000

Intestine transplant: $1,121,800

Spinal reconstruction: $190,000

Total cost: $1,426,800



The Most Expensive Mortal Kombat X-Ray Injuries-Shinnok

Dislocated jaw: $2,000

Broken rib cage: $200,000

Heart transplant: $787,700

Lung transplant: $657,800

Total cost: $1,647,500



The Most Expensive Mortal Kombat X-Ray Injuries-Takeda

New set of dentures: $40,000

Tongue and mouth reconstruction: $18,158

Shattered spine and nerves: $1,219,200

Shattered skull: $100,000

Brain transplant: $300,000

Eyeball transplants: $15,000

Facial reconstruction: $23,460

Total cost: $1,715,818



The Most Expensive Mortal Kombat X-Ray Injuries-Raiden

Full body skin graft: $400,000

Broken back vertebrae: $25,000

All internal organ replacements: $3,640,200

Psychological treatment from getting teleported and rekt by the God of Thunder: $57,600

Total: $4,122,800

These brutal x-rays display some of the worst injuries we’ve ever seen. But, somehow, these characters brush off any fatal injuries like dirt off their shoulders!? Every character throws each other around like they throw money for medical bills. In theory, anything is possible. That’s why, in a perfect world, all these injuries would be covered by free health insurance for all! Woo! Don’t hold on to that excitement for long though. You’ll still feel it in the morning. Every penny of it.


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