Exclusive Retailer Cover for Transformers “Lost Light” Issue 1 by RIPT Apparel Revealed

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Transformers Lost Light Issue 1 – cover art by Tim “Ninjaink” Lim available exclusively from RIPT Apparel.

We are excited to announce another officially licensed comic book cover that will be available exclusively at RIPT Apparel’s online store. Once again, RIPT Apparel teamed up with IDW Publishing and artist Tim Lim to create a stunning cover fitting of the new launching point for James Robert’s epic tale, “More Than Meets The Eye”, rebranded as “Lost Light” starting with this upcoming issue.

“The Lost Light sect of the  comic universe has turned lots of heads and legitimized the Transformers franchise to many that have always seen it as just a toy commercial in disguise.” said RIPT co-founder Paul Friemel. “James was able to breathe an incredibly fresh life-force into these characters and I’m really excited to be able to be a part of the next phase of his epic story. I also thought it would be incredibly fitting to pair the Lost Light crew in the poses from the post for Transformers: The Movie, which also celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. To me it signifies the quality of story and lasting impact that, hopefully,  More Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light will have to future Transformers fans.”

The homage we deserve.

Artist Tim Lim, aka Ninjaink, went above and beyond with his slavish rendition of the 1986 movie cover, even placing characters in precarious positions. Megatron takes the place of Galvatron, Cyclonus retains his original placement, and incredibly astute Transfans may notice that Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus swapped placements. “I know Tim put a ton of time into the composition and line-work of this design.  He said Rodimus alone took up over 8 hours!”

For those that aren’t completely caught up on who these characters are, in the fore-ground from left to right we have Swerve (in vehicle mode), Nautica, Drift, Rodimus, Ratchet, Rewind, and Ultra Magnus (in vehicle mode.  In the rear we have Brainstorm (in vehicle mode), Cyclonus, Whirl, and Autobot Megatron. The ship above is the name-sake of the story, the Lost Light.

The biggest surprise to many readers, including More Than Meets The Eye fans is what’s up with Rodimus’s nemesis paintjob? “To understand that,” answers Paul, “You’ll just have to read the issue!”

Transformers: Lost Light issue 1 and Optimus Prime Issue 1 are due to be released Wednesday December 14. These issues will be available for pre-order and delivery by the 14th.

NOTE: Paul was featured on TFW2005’s WFT @ TFW podcast with host Vangelus discussing the creation of this comic cover.  You can listen to the podcast here.

Edit: The “Lost Light” RIPT Apparel exclusive cover is available for purchase at this link.

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