Exclusive Retailer Cover for “Optimus Prime” Issue 1 by RIPT Apparel Revealed.

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“Optimus Prime” Issue 1 – cover art by Tim “Ninjaink” Lim available from RIPT Apparel

RIPT Apparel is excited to announce a special collaboration with IDW Publishing coming in November of 2016. With the inaugural debut of Optimus Prime in his first-ever solo on-going comic book, RIPT Apparel and artist Tim Lim decided to celebrate the occasion.

“This is really a pivotal moment in Transformers comics. The IDW universe has outlasted the original Marvel run at this point, and seeing a new character-focused book like Optimus Prime means these stories and characters can contend with other classic solo comics like Wolverine or Joker,” says Paul Friemel, CMO of RIPT Apparel. “We wanted to give Optimus his due by homaging what is debatably the most famous Transformers comic cover: Marvel’s Transformers #5’s ‘Are All Dead’ cover but with a good-guy twist.”

The illustration was executed by long-time RIPT Apparel contributor, Tim “Ninjaink” Lim. Tim has created hundreds of t-shirts over the past 5 years, but has been honing his talents for the comic industry with other exclusive comic covers for “Bebop & Rocksteady” “Back To the Future“, and “Street Fighter x GI Joe.

“Tim was a dream to work with as always. He had some other awesome ideas for this cover that we weren’t able to get approved, but maybe life will find a way. There was a lot of debating what to finally put on the back wall behind Optimus,” added Paul.

Transformers Issue 5 from 1985 versus Optimus Prime Issue 1 in 2016.

“Optimus Prime” issue 1 published by IDW Publishing will hit comic retailers November 2016. The RIPT Apparel exclusive cover will be available at RIPTapparel.com as soon as they arrive in the warehouse.

Edit: The comics are available to be purchased at this link.

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