Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future

Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future

We’ve cured diseases, tunneled under oceans, even placed satellites in orbit. Ideas that were once considered science fiction are quickly becoming realities as we discover new technologies and refine old ones. This post’s goal is to help you discover 6 ways technology will shape your future, keeping you ahead of the curve!

Driverless Cars

Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future driverless car
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Driverless cars will revolutionize our daily lives. Imagine a commute during which you could read the paper, message friends, eat breakfast, and more. Google began working on driverless cars to reduce accidents since human error is involved 94% of the time. They also hope to give the elderly, blind, or otherwise disabled, a means of getting where they need to be.  As of 2016, Google has created a car capable of recognizing pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers on the road. It can also read stop signs and detect hundreds of other objects. Google’s design is so autonomous that there isn’t even a steering wheel or pedals in the car. So get in, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Augmented Reality

Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future augmented reality
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This technology augments real-world environments through computer-generated graphics, videos, or sounds, allowing us to digitally modify and interact with the world. Information and graphics can be overlaid on real world items, allowing you to gain insight on your surroundings. A great example of AR is RideOn, a technology that helps skiers and snowboarders enjoy the slopes. Soon, AR will be an essential part of our lives, allowing us to interact in completely new ways.

3D Printers

Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future 3d printer
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Most of us have heard about 3D printers and all the amazing things they can do. Today’s 3D printers, however, rarely create usable, functioning products. More often than not, 3D printers create prototypes of initial concepts, although some are advanced enough to create working tools. But the technology is moving forward at breakneck speed, and future applications for it seem endless. Imagine a future where you look up an item online, purchase the blueprints, and print it at home. Or a future where bioprinting is possible. Bioprinting hopes to artificially print replacement organs, potentially saving countless lives.

Inductive Charging

Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future wireless charging
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Inductive charging, also known as wireless charging, works by using electromagnetic fields to transfer energy and charge devices. Today, the technology involves a charging platform, but developers of this technology hope to be able to one day charge your phone while it’s still in your pocket. However, inductive charging is pretty complicated. Once this technology is refined, it’s not too crazy to imagine that cities could implement it as a way for your device to constantly be charging while riding the train, or walking down the street. Goodbye, cords!

Ubiquitous/Pervasive Computing

Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future ubiquitous computing
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Ubiquitous (or pervasive) computing is more of a conceptualization of how we will interact with technology. It’s the next step in the evolution of technology in our lives. At first, we had minimal technology used by multiple people. Now we all have personal computers and smartphones. Eventually, we will reach a point where everyone can easily access multiple technological devices at all times. That point marks the start of “calm technology,” when technology will recede into the background of our daily lives until we barely notice it. It would be fully integrated into all our surroundings, creating a planet where technology is readily available to everyone, everywhere.

Instrument 1

Discover 6 Ways Technology Will Shape Your Future instrument 1
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This last technology is one that will be available to the masses relatively soon. It will change the way music is created and played. Instrument 1 is a multitude of musical instruments all in one device, including piano, guitar, violin, drums, and many more. Since it’s compatible with any MIDI app (musical instrument digital interface app) you can easily customize the sounds it can make to play anything you like. Its ergonomic design is intended for comfortability, playability, and portability. It also comes programmed with several automated modes, allowing people with no prior experience to create music. Anyone can be making music in no time!


Whether you spend all day searching for the latest gadgets or twiddling your thumbs, we hope you were able to discover 6 ways technology will shape your future for the better! What futuristic technology are you most eagerly awaiting?

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