RIPT Apparel’s Classic Leather Jacket Look

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The timeless classic. The never-ending style trend. The symbol of rebellion. The leather jacket. This piece of apparel has been a staple in style since the mid-20th century. You don’t have to keep up with runway shows or buy designer clothes to find the right leather jacket for you. Leather jackets are like cooking spices; there’s great variety, and you’re likely to have a favorite. Plus, seeing as how they go well with everything year-round, why wouldn’t you have a go-to, right? It’s the quintessential jacket. So, no matter if you’re a fashion icon or a teenage rebel, here’s our guide to pulling off the classic leather jacket look!


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It doesn’t get any more subtly stylish than this. We like to call it the “simple, but significant” look. A t-shirt (from RIPT Apparel, duh!), blue jeans, boots, and of course, that classic leather jacket. It’s the easiest outfit to put together, and you’re still making a statement!┬áTimeless, iconic, and cool.


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If you’re feeling trendy, don’t be afraid to throw that leather jacket over patterned apparel like in the photo above. The plaid from the shorts and the floral shirt pattern make a lot of “noise,” but you can quiet that down a bit with an all black leather jacket. Feel free to add any accessories, such as a leather watch or a hat for a little more uniform accentuation.


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Don’t you just hate wearing that old faded blazer you’ve had since high school to every spiffy event you’re invited to? Switch up the usual suit piece with a clean and modern leather jacket. Whether you have to dress up for an interview, a dinner, or even a wedding, substituting a blazer with a leather jacket will certainly earn you a second look.


RIPT Apparel's Guide to the Classic Leather Jacket Look-Look 1

Wearing a hoodie under your leather jacket is perfect for those chilly nights during the fall. Match that with your favorite graphic tee and some blue jeans with boots, and you’ve got a modern greaser look. Big plus if you can pull off ripped jeans with this look, weather permitting, of course.


Pulling Off the Classic Leather Jacket Look-Nate 2

If you’re feeling a little Yeezy-y and want to test if a leather jacket really does go with everything, don’t hesitate to experiment! Above is an outfit we put together in just a few minutes at the office. A long robe-like hoodie, blue jeans, a black leather jacket, and a RIPT Apparel t-shirt (of course) put this trendy, yet badass look together very well.

From fashionistas, to bikers, to Hollywood actors, the classic leather jacket look continues to be a staple in every subculture in the world. Everything goes well with it, and some things can’t go without it. Keep mixing and matching different pieces of clothing to see what works best and start a new wave of timeless style!

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