The 5 Best New Anime Series on TV this Fall

Alright Otakus, the fall season is upon us and there’s a lot of great new and returning anime series on TV. We ran the numbers and examined them back at the lab to bring you a list of five shows you don’t want to miss!

One Punch Man – Season One


Since the webcomic went viral with 7.9 million hits back in June of 2012, people have been dying to see the bald-headed hero, Saitama, in his fully animated glory. He packs a punch so powerful that it defeats any enemy that he faces with a single blow – and that’s exactly the problem! He’s depressed because there’s no one strong enough to put up a good fight!

This show is a knockout of action and comedy that features a delightful assortment of weird and original characters. If you’re on the lookout for the next big thing in anime, look no further. (But you should, our list rocks.)

Noragami Aragoto – Season Two


The second season of the Noragami anime series focuses on Bishamon, the bodacious blond bombshell that also happens to be the God of Combat. She has a large group of spirit followers (Shinki) because of her unwillingness to abandon spirits attacked by evil phantoms (Ayakashi). The lost souls that Bishamon harbors gives her a sense of fulfillment – but also create many issues trying to tend to them all, and hunt down the Skinki with mal-intent against her.

Fans of the first season are happy to see the main character trio (Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine) interacting with one another again. We recommend this series to fans of “Bleach” and “Kyoukai no Rinne” – the episodes released so far are promising and we’re excited to see where the arc goes!

Seraph of The End: “Battle in Nagoya” – Season Two


This anime is set in a world where a “man-made” virus has killed off all humans over the age of 13. With that, vampires emerged from the darkness and claimed the earth in a violent conquest, but the Japanese Imperial Demonic Army is fighting back to end the vampiric plight and exterminate them all!

At the end of season one, the main character Yūichirō (Yu) was given a certain drug that unleashed a devastating power giving him characteristics of a Seraph, (angelic beings of mass destruction). The new season is giving us back-story as to how Yu got that way, and what that means in terms of his powers and abilities. Could Yu be a Seraph himself? Maybe this could be the key to saving humanity and extinguishing the vampire threat. Watch to find out!

Haikyuu!! – Season Two

A young aspiring volleyball player named Shōyō Hinata starts a club at Karasuno High school. The plot is similar to most classic sports animes, (join a club, train, win) but this series offers exciting twists and arcs that may inspire you to hit up the volleyball court yourself! The characters are hilarious, and rather than the main character having some kind of special hidden talent or power, he’s just a determined athletic guy who wants to play in the big leagues – and his short stature isn’t helping him in any way.

After an upsetting loss at the end of season one, the whole Karasuno team feels devastated about their defeat. Their spirits are lifted when a chance for them to play in Tokyo appears! The team is sure to face challenging opponents ahead. The anime compares well to “Kuroko’s Basketball” and “Ace of the Diamond”. Check this show out for a solid production across the board. It’s not just for sports fans!

K: Return of Kings – Season Two


After a long and disappointing three-year wait, the second season of K is finally is here!!!

K is set in modern Japan where seven powerful “Kings” create clans and share their power with clansmen. Our hero is the Silver King who possesses the powers of invulnerability, immortality, and enlightened intelligence. He was ejected from his original body by the Colourless King and now inhabits the body of a male teenager named Yashiro Isana.

The second season picks up a year after the Ashinaka Island Incident. Yashiro has decided to act out against the strongest clan “Jungle”. Their leader, the Green King, has made advances against Yashiro’s Silver Clansmen Neko and Kuroh Yatogami to lure out the Silver King. With the new threat of the Green Clan, the fates of the Kings are thrown together.

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