Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom?


Pokémon GO has spurred a resurgence of Pokémon fanatics. By now, we’ve come to terms with the hordes of Pokémon GO players littering our Facebook news feed. What makes these Poképlayers so eager to blindly follow their phones in search of digital creatures? Their dedication and love for Pokémon, of course! This obsessive dedication is what sets them apart from casual fans.  Let’s take a look at several popular series and answer the question, “Are you a fan or part of the fandom?”

Star Wars

Fan: You’ve seen the movies, your favorite character is probably R2-D2 (whose isn’t?), and you don’t get the hate for Jar Jar Binks. You’re always down to watch one of the movies, but you’re not about to spend 15 hours and 27 minutes of your life marathoning all seven. You probably enjoy quoting the movie and saying, “Luke, I am your father,” whenever the opportunity arises.

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom?

Your run of the mill Star Wars fan.

Fandom: You’ve seen Episode VII enough times to stage your own reenactment. Your hatred for Jar Jar Binks is palpable, and anyone who disagrees is rebel scum. You love correcting people who don’t know that the actual Darth Vader quote is, “No, I am your father.” If it were up to you, you’d change everything about Episode I, II, and III — if not wipe them from existence, like a superlaser through an unsuspecting planet (sorry, Alderaan).

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom? star wars

This guy’s definitely part of the fandom.


Fan: You saw the movies and, while they weren’t as good as the books, you still enjoyed them. Sure, the acting could have been better, but you knew what to expect going into them. You might reread the books from time to time, or bust out the movies from your collection to rewatch, but that’s about it.

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom?

Thank you for enjoying the series without inciting a mob of screaming teenagers.

Fandom: Fantasizing over a vampire sweeping you off your feet takes up most of your time. You don’t get much sun, but that’s fine. Vampires are pale too, right? You spend an exorbitant amount of time reading and writing fanfiction because Stephanie Meyer just couldn’t write nearly enough to satisfy you. You’re on a strict “no garlic” diet for obvious reasons.

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom? twilight

If you’re willing to endure this, you’re either part of the fandom… or a really great parent.

Harry Potter

Fan: Your love for the movies is what got you into the series. The notion of a magical world hidden beneath our very noses delights you. Daniel Radcliffe will forever be Harry Potter in your eyes, no matter how many other roles he plays. Visiting King’s Cross Station is on your bucket list, and you’ll definitely pose for a photo at Platform 9 3/4.

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom?

Just goes to show that even cats recognize good literature.

Fandom: J.K. Rowling created the best work of fiction to ever exist. You asked your parents for a pet owl as a child, in preparation for your time at Hogwarts. You still have a sliver of hope that your letter from Hogwarts got lost in the post, despite being a 26-year-old bachelor. Face it, you’re a Muggle! You definitely read way too many fan theories on Harry’s love life but never guessed he’d end up with Ginny.

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom? harry potter

No Harry Potter party is complete without a creepy Dobby mask…

Lord of the Rings

Fan: The movies are amazing! Possibly your favorite fantasy trilogy of all time. They’re crazy long, however, so one is usually enough for you. The acting, cinematography, musical score, and special effects blow you away. Some of your favorite quotes come from these movies. If you could live in any fantasy location, you would choose the Shire. In fact, you’ve probably already planned a trip to New Zealand, haven’t you?

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom?

If only they were dressed like hobbits, they could’ve been part of the fandom!

Fandom: You’ve actually taken the time to read all three books in their unabridged versions, as well as watch all 11 hours and 22 minutes of the extended versions. You might currently be reading the Silmarillion, just to brush up on your Middle Earth lore. Every Halloween, you force your eight closest friends to dress up as the Fellowship with you. You’re prone to waiting for friends in hallways, eager to stamp your feet and yell, “You. Shall. Not. Pass!” You also speak Elvish, because, why not?

Are You A Fan Or Part Of The Fandom? lord of the rings

Stephen Colbert takes Lord of the Rings fandom to a whole new level!

It can be easy to enjoy something casually, but truly dedicating your time and energy towards being a part of a fandom can be exhausting. So what’s the verdict? Are you a fan or part of the fandom for these amazing series?

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