8 Ways H. Jon Benjamin Reminds Us He’s The Man

8 Ways Jon Benjamin Reminds Everyone that He’s the Man

Let’s face it. Everyone knows that H. Jon Benjamin is the man. Even if you don’t know his name or face, you will immediately recognize his smooth, buttery voice. He’s voiced a multitude of animated characters over the years.

Even outside of the animation domain, he continues to amaze the world on a variety of platforms, and he continues to find his way into all of our hearts.

We’ve compiled a list of 8 ways that reflect how he is, in fact, the man.

By taking us for a ride in his van

Jon Benjamin Diner Van
Courtesy of Netflix

A strange, single-season late night television series, “Jon Benjamin Has a Van” was an unforgettable view into what we can only hope everyday life is like for Mr. Benjamin. The show acts as a weird conglomerate of scripted–sometimes surreal–narratives, as well as unscripted street interviews and pranks.

“Jon Benjamin Has a Van” pushed the boundaries of what could be accomplished in a 22 minute television format—everything from the silent episode (where the sound guy was kidnapped) to the incredibly short lived reality segment, Cash Stall. Needless to say, this show will be sorely missed.

By being an awful mentor

Jon Benjamin Coach McGuirk Hangover
Courtesy of Gifsoup

“Home Movies” may be destined to die in obscurity, but it features one of the greatest Benjamin-voiced characters of all time—Coach McGuirk. On the surface, McGuirk is a bumbling alcoholic gym teacher and soccer coach. However, he acts as a sort of mentor to Brendan Small, the titular character, to whom he habitually offers his sound advice regarding morals and life lessons. Benjamin brought Coach McGuirk to life, and for that we thank him. If only we all had our own Coach McGuirks during childhood.

Jon Benjamin Coach McGuirk Brendan Life Advice
Courtesy of Gif2Fly

By sucking at piano

Jon Benjamin Jazz Daredevil Album Cover
Courtesy of YouTube

Jon Benjamin is not a fan of jazz music, nor does he know how to play piano. In true Benjamin fashion, he saw this as the perfect excuse to make a jazz piano album. In December 2015, Benjamin released a full length album comprised of his… interpretation of jazz standards. While the album is thoroughly horrible, it is still pretty impressive that he remained committed to the joke long enough to make a full-length album. The LP even features guest appearances by fellow funny people Aziz Ansari and Kristen Schaal. Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the album for the Flight of the Conchords-esque closing number. It could very well be the definitive Jon Benjamin theme song.

By being the Duchess of Fort Kickass

Archer Danger Zone Kenny Loggins
Courtesy of Quickmeme

Perhaps Benjamin’s most famous role, Sterling Archer is the smoothest secret agent out there. When he’s not referencing Kenny Loggins or dropping perfect one-liners, He’s kicking ass and saving America, undoubtedly humming “Danger Zone” the entire time.

Archer’s cheeky personality is complimented extremely well by Benjamin’s voice and mannerisms. It’s hard to imagine them as two separate entities, but then again the same could be said about nearly any Benjamin character. Regardless, having Archer as just one of your many alter egos is a critical step in becoming “the man”.

By being a serial Belcher

Bob Belcher Smiles
Courtesy of Fanpop

Another classic Benjamin role, Bob Belcher is a working class family man who possesses a love for burgers that is as strong as his love for puns. Luck never seems to be on Bob’s side, but he lives a relatively happy life, despite “spending 18 hours a day slaving away over a hot-ass grill”, with his wife, Linda, and their children Gene, Louise, and Tina. It’s hard to imagine Bob being voiced by anyone other than the one and only Jon Benjamin, and we thank him for his immaculate portrayal of such a character. It only makes sense that Bob would be voiced by a man of such dry humor. It’s like Benjamin’s characters really do have a little piece of himself inside them, and that’s what brings them to life.

Bob Belcher cute patty whisper
Courtesy of Tumblr

By being a master of none

Jon Benjamin Aziz Ansari Master of None on set
Courtesy of imdb

Benjamin’s cameo on “Master of None” was spectacular. We once again find him in his natural habit of lending advice to the lead character—this time, it’s Aziz Ansari. In this episode, Aziz and Benjamin are co-stars in an “Outbreak”-style film. While that’s thrilling on its own, the real magic takes place in the buffet line. It’s here that we once again find him lending advice to the titular character in true Benjamin fashion. God bless Jon Benjamin.

By being the son of Dr. Katz

Dr. Katz Ben Katz John Benjamin
Courtesy of Jeffsass.com

Seemingly a stickler for crudely animated shows, Benjamin voiced Ben Katz, the son of the titular character of the show, Dr. Katz—an obscure number from the depths of the abyss of late-night programming. Ben Katz is a classic Benjamin character in that he’s a bumbling guy who’s way too old to not have his shit together. He’s a lovable underacheiver, and shares many qualities with Coach McGuirk. Ben Katz is just another notch in Benjamin’s belt of achievements.

By simply being himself

Jon Benjamin Cool Cat Smoking
Courtesy of Comedy Central

This man is great at everything he touches. Admit it. If you had to pick someone to narrate your life, it would be this guy. Well, maybe if Morgan Freeman was booked already. Regardless, H. Jon Benjamin is undoubtedly the man. It’s impossible not to love someone with the voice of an angel. Especially a plump, bearded angel that sounds like it could have OD’ed on testosterone pills. His versatility between the characters that he portrays are all brought together by a common thread of wit and immaculate timing. Jon Benjamin really is the man.


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