7 Things you may have missed in the latest Rogue One trailer

The latest Rogue One trailer has finally dropped and everyone on the internet is talking about it. Lots of new scenes and images have been shown, but just in case you missed it the first time, here’s 7 things you may have missed in the new trailer!


  1. AT AT’s With Open Cargo Baysatat2Now this isn’t exactly important to the story (who knows?), but AT-ATs stand for “All Terrain Armored Transport”, and transport garrisons of troops inside them. One of the most iconic vehicles from the Star Wars saga, we rarely see them in action. The ATAT closest to the screen has a different colored bay area, which leads us to believe either these are early prototypes of AT-ATs, or they’re just dirty….
  2. U-Wing Flying Over Jedha  u-wingJedha is the Mecca of the Star Wars Universe. This is the planet where Jedi would go for religious pilgrimage. While not confirmed, Entertainment Weekly has speculated that this planet contains kyber crystals, which are essential to building a lightsaber.
  3. Yavin IV Among Planet Locations yavinivThis comes at no surprise, seeing that A New Hope takes place 10 minutes after the ending of this movie. However, this just adds yet another Planet out of the many that are already making appearances in the film
  4. Saw Gerrera’s Awesome Robo-Foot!robotlegSaw Gerrera (Played by Forest Whitaker) is a Clone Wars veteran, looks to be the wise character for this film, like Obi-Wan in the original trilogy. How did he lose his legs? How was he involved in the Clone Wars? Was he a jedi? Guess we’ll have to wait until December to find out!
  5. Another Look at Edrio Two-TubesnewalienRevealed at SDCC this year, Edrio Two Tubes makes a quick cameo in the trailer. While only the barebones backstory is known, we can’t help but notice, he looks badass. 
  6. Giant Explosion on Jedha explosionA massive explosion on the surface of Jedha raises more questions. Is this related to the last trailer? Is this result of the Death Star being used?
  7. Darth VaderdarthvaderOkay, there is NO WAY you missed this, but c’mon, IT’S VADER! The big man himself is back, and we’re beyond excited to see him on the big screen again.


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