7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected

7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected

At least once in your life, you must have said to yourself, “did that character really deserve to die?”. Maybe for plot progression they did, but why can’t they come back after their death serves its purpose? Admirable characters work their way into our hearts and then get the axe when we least expect it. It’s cruel, upsetting, and just plain rude! Without further due, here are 7 movie characters that need to be resurrected!

1. Dobby – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One

Dobby is a free elf that didn’t deserve to die. One of the most innocent and beloved Harry Potter characters, Dobby dies at the hand of Bellatrix Lestrange while heroicly rescuing Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. His final scene implies he is independent of any master, satisfied with the presence of his friends, and self-actualized. While it is an eloquent character-development achievement, it’s just tragically unfair! Unlike the plethora of deaths in the film, this heartbreaking scene robbed us of the warmhearted and irreplaceable soul that is Dobby. Bring back Dobby!

2. Groot – Guardians of the Galaxy

Who ever knew an anthropomorphic tree could be so lovable. With Rocket Raccoon in tears, this death scene had us sniffling in the back row of the theater. Groot sacrificed himself to spare his team from a fiery death. Although, based on the ending, his resurrection is inevitable. If Groot isn’t fully resurrected in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, James Gunn officially does not have a heart.



7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected: Groot death scene

3. Ellie Frederickson – Up

Goes to see uplifting Pixar movie, but has an overwhelming emotional breakdown in the first five minutes. In a condensed time-lapse shown below, you see Ellie and Carl’s life together; including prosperities (picnic dates) and hardships (Ellie’s inability to conceive). You become emotionally attached as Pixar reels you into a marriage that is practically magnificent. Then, they throw the realities of old age in your face and take away the only thing that made Carl happy: Ellie. Seeing a depressed old man breaks our hearts. Pixar, Carl and the rest of us want Ellie back!

4. Rue – Hunger Games

Why is it always the innocent ones? It’s no surprise that District 11’s 12-year old, Rue, needs to be brought back to life. This tribute’s death shed light on the horrifying results of President Snow’s Hunger Games, but caused serious trauma for Katniss and viewers. If we bring Rue back, Katniss wouldn’t be an emotional wreck for most of the series. At the same time, we could erase this heart-wrenching death from our memory.


7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected: Rue death scene in Hunger Games

5. Mufasa – The Lion King

This a children’s movie, people! They killed Mufasa, then, coincidentally, had baby Simba find his trampled body. Mufasa reappears in other Lion King movies as a spirit, but that will not suffice. We want the real deal and the reversal of this childhood tragedy.

7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected: death sad cry the lion king simba
7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected: Mufasa meme

6. Jack Dawson – Titanic

Death by hypothermia. This infamous death scene had Rose and the rest of us watching in teary-eyed denial. The reasons for his resurrection are self-explanatory. We wouldn’t have to suffer watching Rose in her fragile state die alone at the end of the movie; she would have Jack and the Heart of the Ocean.

7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected: movie leonardo dicaprio rose titanic jack

7. Thomas J – My Girl

Only the good die young. Thomas J’s realistically depressing death by an allergic reaction to bee stings left everyone traumatized. How could they do that as Thomas J was giving Vada her mood ring? Just when you thought that was enough, they put us through an overwhelmingly dramatic funeral scene that had us blubbering. If Thomas J were resurrected, Vada and he could live happily ever after, of course, as the hypochondriac and the next bubble boy acrobat.

7 Movie Characters that Need to be Resurrected: thomas j my girl


These deaths are iconic, disheartening, and tear-worthy. To put our minds at ease, we need to resurrect these 7 beloved movie characters. There are many others that should be brought back as well. Honorable mentions include Spock from Star Trek, Bing Bong from Inside Out, Marley from Marley & Me, and Han Solo from the recent Star Wars revival.

Comment with a movie character you believe needs to be resurrected!


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