6 Popular Games that Aren’t Noob Friendly

Starting something new is no easy feat. Being lost and confused in the struggle to survive is pretty intimidating, especially when you’re starting a new game. Noobs, coined by their incompetency, annoying behaviors, or spamming attempts, receive endless backlash for not knowing how to operate or for simply acting “n00bish”. Beginners deserve a fair warning of what they are getting themselves into. To help out all potential noobs out there, beware of these 6 popular games that aren’t noob friendly.

1. Call of Duty

Notorious for its massacre of “Christmas noobs“, the CoD series is home to many cyberbullying cases. A youngin can be exposed to massive amounts of vulgar profanities in live play and, of course, cyberbullying. An X-Box LIVE enforcement squad exists to stop cyberbullying in its tracks, but there are ways to work around the system. With difficulties in adapting to aiming sensitivity and situational awareness, noobs have a huge red target on their backs for all the pros. The pros better watch out. Sometimes by changing a magazine, you can be annihilated by one of these so-called “noobs”.

6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly meme call of duty
6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly call of duty gif

2. Minecraft

If you’re a Minecraft beginner, whatever you do, a door will not open if you keep running into it. Overall, Minecraft allows you to let your creativity flow. It is an open world game that randomly generates the terrain of its map for the player. The player then gathers resources from the map, turns them into a variety of items, and uses the items to gather and manipulate other resources to create more advanced items. You start with simple structures, to adjust and learn about each block, then work your way up by creating bigger and more complicated things whether in creative or survival mode. Minecraft pros will even build replicas of well-known buildings or get creative with Redstone to build intricate circuits. Instead of trolling new players, we should help them out.

6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly minecraft funny

3. Dark Souls

Hands down, the hardest RPG game to play. Since the game gives you essentially no guidance, you have to depend on the trust of the other players. I bet you never thought death could be an educational bench-marking tool. In Dark Souls, you are bound to die at any moment whilst inching and fighting to stay alive in a world of unnerving darkness. If you dare to try this cruelly difficult game, watch your health flask persistently and brace yourself for the hazardous bosses around every corner.

6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly dark souls funny
6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly

4. DotA 2

Being one hell of a game to start, DotA 2 is no stranger to first-time noobs. You know when you keep on controlling the courier due to your hotkeys, you are indeed a noob. A few tips to avoid noob-shaming; all items need to be chosen based on the battle, don’t auto-attack the creeps, and learn the maps in order to actually get somewhere in the gameplay. Also, communication with your team members is key. It’s a fine line, as in don’t ask stupid questions. Stupid questions give you a high chance of being labeled as a “n00b”.

6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly dota 2
6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly dota 2 screenshot

5. Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts

Painfully difficult to grasp at first, this arcade classic is bound to initially upset any new player. CAPCOM doesn’t hand you a win on a platter, instead they question your ability and make you tear your hair out. It’s first-impression screams fun, overly-rewarding, and nostalgic 90’s game, but that is not the case. Trust us, for each unreasonable level completed, you will feel the gratifying warmth of sheer victory.

6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly super ghouls n ghosts


6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly super ghouls n ghosts


6. Battletoads

Psh, good luck. To succeed beyond stage three, you’re going to need superhuman memorization skills and an unnecessary amount of patience. Newbies to the game are prone to short-fused frustration, countless surprises from shit popping up every damn second, and failure to replay due to the challenge. Don’t blink, you might die.

6 Popular Games that Arent Noob Friendly
6 Popular Games that Aren't Noob Friendly battletoads

Noobs, you have been forewarned. You must proceed with caution in these 6 popular games that aren’t so noob friendly.

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