5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games

Pokémon is a game people worldwide have loved to play since 1996. However, that love comes with a steep price: your sanity. From gym leaders using full restores when they have zero health to needing one Pokemon to cut basic trees (Can’t my Charizard just burn it down?!) this game can frustrate us all. How can such a simple game like Pokémon cause so much maddening irritation? If you’ve played Pokémon, then you’ve experienced something that made throwing a Gameboy across the room seem like a great idea. Here’s a breakdown of the teeth clenching, hair pulling and overall Five Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games!

Dropping the (Master)Ball

5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games master ball fail RIPT Apparel
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If the image above makes your blood boil, you are a true Pokémon gamer. Nothing is more frustrating than using the master ball on ANTYHING but a legendary Pokémon. Your sweaty hands meant to select Pokéball to catch that wild Magikarp, but they slipped and now the sadness is eternal. Talk about jumping the shark!

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Harassing Grass Attacks

5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games wild pokemon appears Rattata
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It’s possible to find a wild Lugia in the grass, so why not take a stroll, right? WRONG! Get ready for hordes of annoying Rattata, Pidgeys and Zubats begging you to capture them. Most won’t even let you run away, forcing you to obliterate a Level 2 Hoothoot just for stepping in your path. This graph sums it up:

5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games wild pokemon appears grass RIPT Apparel
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Every. Damn. Time.

Save Files Lost

5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games Saving game files bad time legendary pokemon
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You finally found the Ho-Oh you’ve been searching all game for. Your trainer walked all over Kanto until their feet bled to reach this moment. And then your gameboy dies. The save file you had is now corrupted. All that hard work just flew away like a Moltress out of Hell. Now your only option, besides completely giving up, is to replay the past four hours to reach Ho-Oh again.

*Cue primal screams*

5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon games anime flames pissed mad angry
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Pokemon that only evolve when “happy”

5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games Happiness evolution Togepi
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Since when was it important for a Pokémon to be happy to evolve? They’re kept in a small sphere-like prison for hours, with no food or water. Then, they’re only released to battle their own kind for sport. Win or lose, they go straight back into their spherical prison. Sounds like a happy life to me!

Teleporting Pokemon

5 Most Frustrating Moments in Pokémon Games Abra Pokemon games RIPT Apparel nintendo DS gameboy
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Catching and battling Pokémon is one of the greatest parts of all the games. There’s over 700 different Pokémon to catch and we love seeing the variety in their appearances and abilities. However, not all Pokémon have winning abilities. Many Pokémon (looking at you Abra) only know how to teleport from a battle. Their only attack move is to boost our frustration levels to another level of SCREW. THIS. Nothing personal Abra, we just want to catch you!

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What do you believe is the most frustrating thing in Pokémon games?

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