5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling

They say falling in love is a beautiful thing, but staying in love takes a lot of work. Marriage is no cake walk. From excessive nagging about financial debt to losing sleep from the TV blaring all damn night, tension is bound to arise at some point. Most people learn to cope and get past the negative to focus on the positives in the relationship, but some need another viewpoint to access the situation. Then, there are those that may be past the point of no return, but we can’t help but wonder if they have a chance. With that being said, here are 5 marriages in pop culture that seriously need counseling!

1. Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones

Ah, yes, the f***ed up love story from GOT’s first season. Daenerys, is forced by her power-thirsty brother, Viserys, to marry leader of the Dothraki clan, Khal Drogo. At first, she is helplessly trapped in graphic scenes of oppression and rape. Somehow, she learns to gain authority over Khal and not be treated as some sex slave. Their love eventually blossoms, but these two still have a lot of emotional issues to sort out; including the loss of her child Rhaego. If Khal had survived after the first season, they would need some serious marriage counseling right about now.

5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling game of thrones

2. Frank and Claire Underwood from House of Cards

Claire: “I’m done trying to win over people’s hearts.”                                                                                                                                         Frank: “Let’s attack their hearts.”

Both intertwined in the greed and power hunt that lurks in political institutions, the Underwoods are one of the most cunningly twisted couples on our list. Both have cheated on each other countless times, approved affairs, constructed fear and chaos, and are unable to trust one another. Hell, they even separated at the end of season three. Their ease in facilitating terror is frightening as they coldly motivate each other to get the job done; no matter the obstacles. Since they’re back together for the fourth season, it’s no surprise they’re on this list.

5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling claire underwood
5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling claire and frank underwood house of cards

3. Lorna and Vinny Muccio from Orange is the New Black

We have Vinny, the prison pen-pal, who mutually falls in love with Lorna, incarcerated for stalking a one-date wonder and threatening his life by planting a bomb underneath his car. She goes as far as tricking Vinny into kicking Christopher’s ass, the poor soul who she stalked. That’s not the end of her bat-shit shenanigans. In season four, Lorna delusionally accuses Vinny of cheating on her with her sister. She viciously screams at him over the phone, hangs up, and casually tells her fellow inmates during lunch that her and Vinny are going to have a baby. WHAT?! Without an extra hand, her delusions might be the end of their premature marriage.

5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling Lorna meme
5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling orange is the new black wedding

4. Maeby and George Michael from Arrested Development

Incestual relationship. The only two words you need to hear in order to know these two teens need a talking to. In “Fakin’ It”, these teenagers accidentally get married while putting on a performance for Alzheimer’s patients. They make out and get to second base, only to find out afterward that they are, indeed, 100% cousins.

5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling
5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling arrested development maeby and george

5. Pablo and Tata Escobar from Narcos

Due to Pablo Escobar’s infamous black marketing empire, his marriage is in peril at the end of season one. Tata’s husband escapes La Catedral after a close call with U.S. infiltration. Pablo has blood on his hands, a track record of sleeping with prostitutes, and millions of dollars that’s piled up from his Medellín Cartel. Interestingly enough, he recognizes his cheating, but still holds his wife to an extremely high standard. Her subservient stance is humiliating. Especially with their kids involved, counseling could improve the situation. Tata could finally grow a pair to stand up for herself and Pablo could stop living the life of a spontaneous bachelor. Next season, since divorce isn’t an option with Pablo’s inevitable brutality, Tata should look into counseling or fleeing in rogue fashion.

5 Marriages in Pop Culture that Seriously Need Counseling narcos pablo escobar and tata

These highly dysfunctional marriages make the average marriage look immaculate. Who knows if these 5 marriages that seriously need counseling will ever get better, but there’s use in trying.

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