How 9 Superheros Would Fare In The Zombie Apocalypse

Before we can have this discussion, we need to set some ground rules. We’re operating in a 28 Days Later or I Am Legend type of zombie apocalypse. We’re talking about very quick, attentive and vicious undead monsters. Forget the mindless slow-moving “brrraaaaaiiiinnnnsss” nonsense. Anyone with a shotgun could survive that. Now that that’s settled, let’s get into it.  


superman-zombie-fight-t-shirt-7 The Man of Steel is obviously one of our top contenders. He’s faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a train, and since he’s immune to human diseases, he’s basically invincible. He could just peace out to the sun, absorb all the energy real quick, come back and blast every zombie to smithereens with a nuclear explosion. Unless a zombie was infused with some kryptonite, which is pretty unlikely, Superman would have no problem.

Green Arrow

Green_Arrow_Vol_5_1_Textless What we have here is pretty much a non-redneck super-powered Daryl Dixon. Green Arrow can shoot 29 arrows per minute with amazing accuracy. He’s proficient in martial arts and sword fighting, and his long-range fighting style keeps him out of harm’s way. He’d be a great addition to a group of survivors, dropping zombies down left and right like flies. But on his own? We’re not sure. He’s susceptible to bites and diseases, plus, he’s eventually going to run out of arrows. The apocalypse may be unforgiving for our friend Green Arrow.


zombies_attack_by_sinakazemian-d39gvn8 Wolverine is equipped with claws, super-healing, and a motorcycle. He’d last a while given that he’s an all around badass who’d be able to smell zombie stank from miles away. His healing factor would protect him to an extent, but would it save him from an incurable infection? Logan would kill it in the zombie apocalypse right up until he’s in the middle of a massive hoard, and all those bites would override his healing abilities. We wouldn’t bet my money on him surviving, but it’d be fun watching him slice and dice some zombie chunks.


NOTLDP2014001012scol Deadpool excels at hand-to-hand combat, is an excellent marksman, and is highly skilled with bladed weapons. He would be an absolute treasure in the midst of the apocalypse, lightening the mood with inappropriate humor and lopping off zombie heads left and right. He has higher stamina, strength and reflexes because of the Wolverine’s healing factor he developed. Deadpool is virtually immortal as long as his limbs stay intact. It sounds like he’s the ultimate hero in the face of a zombie apocalypse, right? Eh, not really. It’s up for debate whose healing factor is stronger, Deadpool or Wolverine. Deadpool already has cancer which balances the factor. Would Wade regenerate as a zombie when bitten, or would he fight it off like he does the cancer? Would the cancer and zombie virus cancel out, leading to his death? Honestly, it would be pretty cool to see Deadpool as legitimately Dead Deadpool. There are simply too many variables to determine how he would fare.


2 Thor would be the vanquisher of the zombie plight. His Asgardian blood and near invulnerability grants him immunity from all Earthly diseases. He has superhuman speed, agility, and reflexes. He can absorb energy, travel dimensions, manipulate matter, and call upon the powers of wind and lightning. If he still had time travel capabilities, we could probably go back an vanquish the source of the virus. Regardless, Thor would kick some zombie ass.   


3085377-tumblr_lleq9jxddt1qzmkczo1_500 It’s not looking good for the Caped Crusader. His special abilities include having a lot of money and resources, kung-fu, and a highly developed intellect. Money won’t do any good in an apocalypse situation. Gathering the resources for all of his gadgets and gear would prove difficult, especially if Lucius is one of the new zombies. His saving grace is his intellect. Not that he could outthink every situation, but he’ll most likely stay one step ahead of the zombies. If Will Smith could decently do it, Batman definitely could. Might be safer for him to hole up in the Batcave with Alfred and Robin, and sit this one out.


zombiespidey2 Spider-Man would probably fare the worst. He’s still a teenager. He should be in algebra class, not fighting zombie hordes. His web-swinging abilities are best suited for cityscapes, which are also the worst place to be in a zombie outbreak. His spidey-senses will give him a little jump start but in terms of offense, Spidey is lacking. His web globs wouldn’t do much damage, he could craft a sword and shield out of a web but that’s about it. Sorry Spidey, but you’re zombie food.

The Flash

zombie_flash_by_zhourules-d4dcm1s If we’re talking about survival, The Flash will outsmart and outrun them all.. He can think and move at the speed of light. If a zombie is about to get him, he’ll just run to Italy or something. It would be difficult for a zombie to catch the Flash, and then bite the Flash since he could pass right through them with quantum tunnelling. Give this a guy a sword or any other sharp object, and he’ll chop off some zombie heads in less than an instant.

The Hulk

Hulk-Apocalypse-16001 The general premise of the Hulk is when Bruce Banner is angry, harmed, or his life’s in danger, he transforms. In a zombie apocalypse situation, the Hulk would have no problem. It’s Bruce Banner form that would be vulnerable to zombies. The Hulk’s strength, durability, top tier regeneration, and endurance increase in proportion to his anger. So as long as Bruce stays reeaaaalllyyy angry, the pair should do fine. Bruce Banner, with his expertise in biology, chemistry, engineering, physiology, and nuclear physics, would also be the best shot that humanity has at finding a cure.


What do you think, RIPTsters? Do you agree with our analysis? Who would you bet on to outlast them all? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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