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10 Free Design Galleries to Find Design Inspiration

As designers we all know the limits of our inspiration. There are days the creativity does not stop and others when it’s difficult to produce a single idea. But the Internet provides a plethora of places to find inspiration, and looking at other t-shirt design galleries are one of the top places to find t-shirt inspiration. Check out these t-shirt companies and share a few of your own.

1. Itself


View the Gallery: here
Itself is a fun little community of t-shirt designers who make, share and collaborate designs. They sell plain tees and designer ones as well, but simplistic design is the name of the game with Itself.

2. Threadless

View the Gallery: here
Threadless is cool, just plain cool. This design network is saturated in color, edginess and festive design. And it doesn’t just include clothing design, Threadless creatives produce everything from coffee mugs to pillows.

3. Design By Humans

View the Gallery: here
This design community advertises the top 50 most wanted t-shirts and the newest winning designs on its homepage because voting means serious business for Design By Humans. Itching for some competition, sign up and compete with fellow humans.

4. Shirtwoot!

View the Gallery: here
Shirtwoot! is only one section of the large woot! community, but it’s one of the most well-known. Woot! offers everyone from tech lovers to t-shirt designers a place to buy, sell and compete. And inspiration will abound here, everyday.

5. Nerdy Shirts


View the Gallery: here
If you enjoy wit, sass and serious spunk, Nerdy Shirts is perfect. But the best aspect of Nerdy Shirts isn’t the incredible design or intelligently posed text, it’s that they design shirts for a greater purpose – to help those who cannot help themselves.

6. Enclothe

View the Gallery: here
Enclothe is modern, hip and exquisitely designed clothing, iPhone cases and accessories. It isn’t an open community, but they offer plenty of inspiration through the extraordinary products.

7. Snorg Tees

View the Gallery: here
If you need some inspiration being comical, Snorg Tees is the place. The witty and humorous designs will grab anyone’s attention on the street.

8. Design Give

View the Gallery: here
Design Give is an incredible community of clothing designers whose main aim is to give a portion of their proceeds to different charities. And because of the beautifully constructed t-shirts, they are often out of stock.

9. Rosa Loves

View the Gallery: here
Rose Loves is another community of designers who want to give back. But instead of donating to large fundraisers, they chose to target individuals with specific needs in the communities around them. And, their designs are amazing.

10. Dirty Coast

View the Gallery: here
Dirty Coast has such a wide array of designs you won’t know where to begin, but that’s okay. Nationally recognized by peeps from the New York Times to National Geographic let’s you know that spending time plowing through the designs are worth it.

Where do you go for t-shirt design inspiration?

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